Love for long hair

Hair is something really precious to me. From a very young age, I wanted to grow long hair. There used to be there trivia facts about hair in the magazine that my grandmother used to read. I followed them. I heard that someone held a record for growing hair the longest length and achieving this record had become the main goal of my life.

Singapore trip

But, my mother was tired of me. I was a naughty child and it was impossible to make me sit in one place and brush my hair. So chopped my hair. I had a boy cut as a punishment of my naughtiness until my third standard. One fine day, I decided that I would not get inside another hair cut until my hair reaches my knees. My grandmother was very happy with my decision and helped me grow my hair. Obviously, my mother wasn’t happy, so she threatened to take me to the beauty parlour if I did any mischief.

My grandmother nurtured my hair. She told me stories of her long hair days. It seems she used to wrap her hair around her waist like a saree pallu and go to school. Her hair was so thick and long that she needed the help of at least two to wash and brush it. She had become my inspiration. Every day, she braided my hair. Two braids with a red or white ribbon for school; for college and other days I wore single braid. It was such a joy to comb my hair.

Ajji and I

Everyone called me Rapunzel because of my hair. I had the ‘Avatar’ said a few people. My hair didn’t just help me look pretty, but also played a major part in hitting people I didn’t like. With just one swirl of my head, and everyone within the vicinity of one and a half meters were hit by my hair. Sometimes, my friends would sit on my hair by mistake. I sat on my hair a lot many times too!

When I was in the first of year of degree, I was diagnosed with PCOD, which led to massive hair fall. Seeing so much hair fall off made me devastated. So I went to a beauty parlour and chopped half the length of my hair. In just 15 minutes, my knee length hair was cut off. My hair reached just a few inches above my hip. I have maintained that length since then.

It had become a practice to hold my hair up before I sit. Now, I miss it. I am no more the Rapunzel. Who knows if I will ever be able to hold a record of having the longest hair? My grandmother still is very angry with me for chopping my hair, but she takes care of my hair like she used to before. She braids my hair every morning before I leave to college.


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  1. clickerwriter · May 21, 2017

    Hey hi5! Fellow Bengalurean, PCODian, ex Rapunzel and blogger 😆😂 We have a lot in common 😜 I enjoyed reading your posts….I like your blog and the flow which you have in your writing!! Cheers 😊

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