My BFF chronicles

I am clearly not a very strong individual. I have had my low time and good times. But I am really proud to say that I have good companions next to me at all times. I owe my whole life to Mahima and Shreya for supporting me whenever I needed them.

We have known each other from high school. We became really thick friends towards the end of tenth grade I think. Never did we ever have fights where one person had to come and say ‘sorry’ and only then we reconciled. It was mutual understanding that helped us carry this friendship ahead. We have talked and done with stupidest things in the world together. This freedom to do anything with you guys is just the best!

We have had each others back at all times – boyfriend problems, family issues, fears and phobias, amazing moments. Mahima and Shreya would just drop by at my house when they knew I was having a low time. They used to get me French fries with extra salt. Our conversation would go on till forever. Showing cat or dog videos to Mahima will cheer her up. And Shreya is happy to just eat Pani puri or Gobi Manchurian from local chat shop. We don’t study in the same college anymore, but I think it is telepathy that keeps us connected like this!

Mahima is the philosophical person. According to us, she can never make a mistake, as she is extremely responsible. Shreya is the baby of our group. She needs constant care, attention, and love else she will start crying and throw tantrums. One big drama queen she is. I am the sorted happy-go-lucky person. My laughter makes them laugh, I crack good jokes, I spread only positive vibes and keep the conversation going no matter what. I think Freud’s Id, Ego, and Super Ego was based on us three. Shreya works on the pleasure principle, I work on the realistic principle, and Mahima works on moral principle.

We three had decided on 2015, after we got out 12th grade results, that on 2025 we all would move into a flat that we three bought with our own money. I don’t know if we will do it, but we all are looking forward to it. There is a long list of things that we have planned to do together as a group. The first one amongst the list is to wear a saree and enter a pub. The next is to actually confess every stupid thing that we have kept a secret from our parents.

My BFF chronicles started with them from high school and will go on till death does us part. There is absolutely no other force in the world that can separate us. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. (P. S. I have never told this to you guys because this would make your ego boost up.)


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