The heart wants what it wants.

A few days ago, I saw that the film ‘Dear Zindagi’ was now available on Netflix. When I saw the thumbnail of the film, it immediately reminded me of the one really special dialogue of the film – “Hum kitni kursiyan dekhte hain koyi ek lene se pehle. Phir apna life partner choose karne se pehle options dekhne main kya problem hain?” (When we go to buy chairs, we try many options before buying one, so then what is the problem in looking for options while selecting a life partner?)

This dialogue absolutely changed the way I used to look at relationships. Finding some stranger who passed by me really cute is absolutely normal. It is okay to look at men and see if there could ever be a possible relationship with them. Why is it that over society teaches us otherwise?

From a very young age, I have been taught that I should find one single partner to live with all my life. This partner has to be your one and only relationship and there is no option of leaving him at any cost. Strive hard and make the sour relationship work – this was the constant mantra that I heard. Why was everyone one compelled to attach himself or herself with someone who they didn’t like anymore? How did anyone manage to attach to a person half-heartedly?

By forcing someone to believe that something unreal was the ultimate reality just resulted in breaking the heart, doesn’t it? We end up displeasing, annoying, and deceiving our emotions. Guilt and embarrassment will stay in our souls forever if we continue doing this.

It is absolutely not okay to accept this compulsion. Why should I listen to what the society says? People will speak, and that is what they do the best. I have learnt to not push myself to corner at every heartbreaks singing a pathos sad song. What is the necessity in sending the heart to hell?

Live for something you like; be with someone you truly love. Meeting a number of people before settling with someone is quite common. Let’s not force ourselves to fall in love, shall we? It will happen when it should. No one is forever alone. The right person is just around the corner. With utmost patience and calmness, let’s go in search of that corner to find OUR right person. After all, the heart wants what it wants.


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