Barbie doll

My friend Mahima gifted me a Barbie doll a gift for my birthday and trust me no other gift could get me as excited as this one did! Being brought up as a middle class girl child, my parents made sure I got to enjoy my childhood to the fullest. But they wanted to break stereotypes. So they got me lots of video games, mechanic sets, architect sets, doctor sets. I had started reading big novels at a very young age.

Whenever my neighbors and I played together, they all got their Barbie dolls. They washed the doll, its clothes, stitched new ones, dressed them up and made the dolls sit in the dollhouse. It was so nice to see all the girls do this. Since I didn’t have a doll of my own, they never let me touch their dolls. I felt so sad and hurt whenever they refused to include me in the game.

Ajji suggested that I play with other kids on the road. But because I was very dominating and extremely naughty, none of the boys wanted to play with me. It is not my fault that I could play cricket and football better than them. They felt inferior because I could sprint faster than them I think.

So, to not feel lonely, I ended up sitting in my home and reading lots of books. I had a library of my own by the age of 10. My parents were quite happy about my reading habit and never stopped me from buying more books. Hence, I started spending more time in the public library and two other bookstores near my house. The librarians and uncles and aunties who came here had become my friends. I never confessed to anyone about how sad I felt and that my friends didn’t include me while playing.


A few days before my 20th birthday, Mahima texted me and asked me what I wanted as a gift. I confessed to her that I longed for a Barbie doll and Barbie house. This was a request from the bottom of my heart. She gave me the gift two months later, and it was quite expensive. She might have saved up for over a month for this gift I’m guessing.

Now, I am planning to play with this doll like my neighbours used to in our childhood. Reliving those days is almost impossible, but why not cherish what I have right now? Even though I can’t literally dress the Barbie doll and do all those things my neighbours used to do with their dollhouse, I try playing with the doll by doing my little experiments with all the dress I design. The doll sits right above my bed in the book shelf amongst few of my books.



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