Burqa and other stuff

My family and I went to Dubai for a much needed vacation. After completing a hectic internship for about a month, this vacation helped me breathe and enjoy life again. But I think we all had totally forgotten the fact that it was summer and Dubai, being a desert, was extremely hot. It was scorching 41 degree celsius.

It was quite hard to survive in places where there was no air cooler. So my family spent most of the time inside a mall or other places that had air cooler. We managed to survive! I have no idea how people who live in Dubai manage to live in such a heat. How can they not get a heat stroke?

The people there are amazing! Although, we met only immigrants during most of the time of our stay, we did meet a few natives in the spice souk. They walked around proudly in their traditional clothing. We were quite amazed to see women wear burqa and abaya everywhere. Even the men were covered from top to bottom. Did they not feel the heat? Were they used to the heat? – Still a mystic question as I could never ask them these questions personally.

One of the driver’s at our hotel lobby actually described each and every part of the traditional wear to us. The black mesh veil, cloak-like dress, head wrap, etc and each of these things are addressed with different names. It is really funny how we in India, easily sum up the whole clothing and call it burqa. We really should try and get to know the names of each single piece of clothing.

At the Dubai mall, my mother and I got to click pictures wearing the traditional clothing. It was funny as we were posing in various weird ways to get a few photos right. However, I got to appreciate the beauty of the traditional clothing for a few minutes in the photoshoot and I am really happy about it.


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