Allura Media and Art Festival

Allura is a national media and art festival. It’s where students, professionals, enthusiasts, thinkers, and dreamers converge. This forum allows them to exhibit their talents and come together to connect, create and celebrate! This is the fifth installment of Allura.

This is a  two day festival with a wide range of events, competitions, and workshops make this annual festival an extraordinarily fun, yet great venture into learning. This wholesome experience builds opportunities towards careers and opens an entry into the world of visual media!

Every year we choose an Avant Garde art movement as the crux of Allura. This year, Steampunk is our backbone. A distinct style of art, that is a seamless combination of the old and the new, this genre enshrines a multitude of aspects. We want to give the best of us to the ecosystem, hence we focus on the upcycling and recycling of modern technology. Being sustainable and eco-friendly is just a simple initiative from our side.

Experience the enthralling fusion of Steampunk in all of its glory at Allura 2017. Register now at


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